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Our website uses cookies to provide the best user experience.

What are cookies?

HTTP cookies (also called web cookies, Internet cookies, browser cookies, or simply cookies) are small blocks of data created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user's computer or other device by the user's web browser. Cookies are placed on the device used to access a website, and more than one cookie may be placed on a user's device during a session.

Cookies serve useful and sometimes essential functions on the web. They enable web servers to store stateful information on the user's device or to track the user's browsing activity on the website (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).

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Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to facilitate and enhance the user experience with this website. Cookies are not violating your privacy and are used solely for the purpose of this website’s functioning.

What cookies do we use?

First-party cookies

These are the cookies that belong to us, they provide insight into website usage with the help of third-party web analytics tools. Such types of cookies provide us with the information about your previous site visits. In case there is no information in your browser about previous sessions, new cookies will be generated again.

Third-party cookies

These types of cookies belong to the company providers of the tools and software used on our website, that we embed on it for enhancing the website abilities. Specifically, we use services from the following companies:


You can find the details of the cookies’ usage on the company’s dedicated page: We use the Analytics service to monitor the usage of our website, their Fonts service to efficiently load fonts on the website, and the reCAPTCHA service to make sure non-human users are not able to use the website to all its extent.


You can find the details of the cookies’ usage on the company’s dedicated page: We use their chatting solution to communicate live with users and provide the information they require.


You can find the details of the cookies’ usage on the company’s dedicated page: We use their solution to manage the newsletter and make sure that if you unsubscribe, we won’t send you anymore email.

How to manage cookies?

You can delete, modify or block the cookies that our website uses according to your needs at any time.

Most browsers allow cleaning the browser history, deleting the files/cookies related to a website, and also prohibiting a website placing cookies on your device. Be aware that without cookies, some functionalities of the website might be restrained or not available.

Take a look at our Privacy Policy for additional information on how we handle your data.