Case studies

Management systems

Investment portfolio monitoring

Utluna is a portfolio monitoring solution for professional and semi-professional investors. We developed the complete application composed of a frontend displaying numerous complex visualizations, and a scalable backend microservice-based system with connections to 70+ financial institutions.


Cardiology education app

Educardio is a platform managed by the cardiology center of the CHUV university hospital aiming to provide access to continuous education of cardiology professionals. In the context of their events we developed a mobile application for iOS, Android and a web admin console.

Management Systems

Client loyalty management system

Clientmanager is a white label application that physical small businesses can use to entertain a relationship with their loyal customers.


Automated hedge fund NAV reporting

Cryptoro Capital is a modern hedge fund allowing asset managers to offer traditional financial vehicles to access cryptocurrency investments. We developed a system that automatically aggregates positions and prices from multiple custodians to prepare reports for the official NAV calculations.


Medical information distribution platform

Leitmed from MMI Germany is a platform for doctors, researchers and scientists to publish and access medical information such as articles, therapies guidelines, studies results, ... We developed a full frontend application and guided the backend team in the development of a rest API to access and manage the content.

Management systems

HR & Recruitment management platform

Hubteam is a web platform helping recruitment intensive companies to manage their processes, and keep track of employees vacations and personal information. We developed the full platform composed by a frontend application and a scalable backend application.

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