About us

Talented, committed and responsible people from diverse backgrounds are essential for us to build great software products. We strive to unleash the power of our people and we cultivate a company culture that is inspired, curious and empowered.

Software engineering

Software engineering

Engineering is not a profession, but an approach to solve problems. We look for the unobvious, such as possible side consequences, and consider the problem as a whole.

Human Resources

Human resources

With decades of combined experience in recruitment and HR management, we strive to unite talents that collaborate efficiently for a common goal.

Swiss management

Swiss management

We focus on nurturing long-lasting relationships with both clients and employees, providing you with talents you can count on for the long run.

They trust us

Our management

Our management's main objective is to create an efficient team that clients, employees and partners can count on. Achieved by combining deep expertise in software engineering and human resources.

Our values

Our values underpin our company culture. They describe the professional behaviors we expect from our employees. These values are an integral part of the framework we use to recruit people, develop them, and assess and reward their performance.



We love what we do. Delivering high-quality software is our priority. Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our standards, technology, and training for our people.

Dedicated to client success


We place the customer at the core of all we do by tailoring our services to her/his specific needs. Our customers are the reason for our existence, their success is our success.



We care about our team and customers and commit to the highest ethical standards. Empathy, honesty, transparency, and integrity are at the core of our decision-making process.

Innovation & creativity

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We encourage people to experiment and unleash their potential. We aim to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions to business challenges.

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