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3 Ways to Accelerate Early-Stage Startup Go-to-Market with Outsourcing

3 Ways to Accelerate Early-Stage Startup Go-to-Market with Outsourcing


In the fast-paced world of startups, the race to market is more akin to a sprint rather than a marathon! Startups, especially those just starting their journey, often face challenging situations. They need to create and launch their product quickly to let real users try it out and then make it better with each new version. This quick and continuous improvement is a key part of what we call the agile methodology.

But it's not always a smooth sailing! Startups often bump into some big challenges like:

  • Budget limitations: Not having enough money to do everything they want.
  • Expertise gap: Not having all the technical skills needed in their team.
  • Time crunch: The core team often finds themselves stretched too thin with too many tasks.

So, how do startups tackle these hurdles? One super handy solution is outsourcing. It's like calling in the experts to help you out, especially when you need special skills that your team might not have. Plus, if you choose experts from different countries, it can also be a wallet-friendly option. In this guide, we’re going to cover 3 ways outsourcing can give your startup a turbo boost to help you zoom into the market!

1. Outsourcing the Development of the MVP

For startups whose lifeline is a technology-centric product, having a technologically adept individual within the core team is imperative. This doesn’t necessitate in-house development of the entire product but does underscore the need for a team member who comprehends and oversees what is being developed. Outsourcing the development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to specialists ensures a swift and professional build, enabling you to focus on the product-market fit.


  • Speed: Accelerate your time-to-market by leveraging external expertise.
  • Cost-effective: Minimize initial development costs compared to hiring a full-time team.
  • Focus: Allow your core team to concentrate on strategic and business-critical activities.

2. Engaging On-Demand Developers and Designers

Access to specific technical expertise is a common bottleneck for startups. Software development outsourcing companies often provide their specialists on an “on-demand” basis, typically through a “Time & Material” contract, where you are billed hourly for specialist allocation to your project.


  • Flexibility: Easily scale the team size based on project requirements.
  • Expertise: Gain access to specialized skills that are not available in-house.
  • Cost management: Control your budget by paying for actual hours worked.

3. Establishing a Dedicated Team

When the core team is saturated, startups can opt to either expand in-house or establish a dedicated outsourced team. The latter, facilitated by a software development outsourcing or staff augmentation company, ensures you have a team entirely dedicated to your project, handling recruitment, HR management, and administrative tasks.


  • Talent access: Leverage a pool of skilled professionals without the hassles of recruitment.
  • Operational efficiency: Bypass the administrative and operational burdens of team management.
  • Cost optimization: Avoid the overhead costs associated with in-house teams, and get better pricing than with an on-demand specialists setup.

Our Commitment to the Startup Ecosystem

At 5w155 SA, we are fervently dedicated to aiding startups in navigating through their technological development journey. Proud members of the SwissStartupAssociation, we strive to foster and elevate the entrepreneurial environment by providing guidance and support to early-stage startups, especially in the realm of technology development.

Contact us for a complimentary discovery call and explore the possibilities of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe.

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